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West Virginia Divorce Records

You may want to search West Virginia divorce records to find out the status of someone you know – whether her or she is telling the truth about the past. Or, you may need the information for genealogical research. Legal purposes are also reasons for searching through a state’s divorce court records. In West Virginia you can access the state’s vital records at the following address:

West Virginia Vital Registration Office
State Division of Health
350 Capitol St., Rm. 157
Charleston, WV 25301-3701

The state does charge a fee for a records search – currently $35. If you’re ordering a copy of the complete divorce decree, you need to add $2 per page after the first three pages are copied. And, if the divorce was decreed more than fifteen years ago, they may be in the archives and take longer to obtain. It may take as long as ten business days for the state to perform the search. You’ll need to fill out an application issued by the state and include such information at the names of the divorced party, date and county where the divorce took place and information about yourself such as your mailing information, name and why you need a copy of the decree.
Thanks to the Internet, you can now enlist the help of a fee-based, online professional search service to help you in your quest to find a certain West Virginia divorce record.

Divorce Records West Virginia

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State of West Virginia Divorce Records

These professionals use intuitive and powerful search engines to find the exact record you need – and if they don’t find it, you don’t pay. These sites use the same type of search tools that law enforcement offices and the government uses to find information about someone quickly and easily. All you need to supply is as much data as you know about the divorce – there’s no need to reveal your identity and you can be sure it’s kept strictly confidential. Online search sites take the time-consuming effort out of conducting a search on your own or through the state. All you have to do is enter the information and then wait for it to appear on your computer. You’ll usually receive the report in moments and it will contain information that you might not have received on a state-based search.

Find out what you can learn from an online, fee-based search service by clicking on the link. You’ll automatically be able to see how you can use the site to search through West Virginia divorce records – and many other states’ vital records to find important data.