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Washington Divorce Records

To receive a copy of a Washington divorce record you must first apply for the certificate. If you apply through the country clerk of the health department in Washington State for free public divorce records, you’ll need to submit your own name and address, plus other information such as phone numbers where you can be reached and your email address. You’ll also need to know some of the details of the divorce such as the respondent’s and petitioner’s full names, addresses, month and year the divorce was granted and the city in Washington where the divorce took place. If you can’t submit the application in person, you’ll need to mail it to:

Washington State Department of Health
Center for Health Statistics
101 Israel Rd.
SE Olympia, WA 98501

Divorce records in Washington are usually granted from the Health Department if they occurred before 1968. If the divorce occurred before that, you may need to submit the application through the county clerk in the department where the divorce took place. You’ll be required to pay a government fee of $20, an authorized Washington merchant fee and a $5 fee if you want the certificate expedited. Expect the certificate to arrive within two or three weeks. If you want the certificate sent by UPS, the delivery time is reduced to one week, but there is an extra $20 charge. You’ll also be charged for extra copies of the divorce certificate, if needed.

Divorce Records Washington

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Online, fee-based search services can also provide the information you need – discreetly and simply. All you need to do is offer some basic information – whatever you know about the divorce, including names, addresses, dates and county in Washington where the divorce was granted. Choose a reputable service and one that offers to search through various states if needed. Most of these online services offer either a one-time fee or you can become a member of the site and perform searches whenever needed. Legal professionals use these services on almost a daily basis to search for data they need to win a case. You’ll also receive extra information from an online service, such as names that may have been used in the past, maiden names, current addresses and phone numbers and details of the divorce. Online search services use powerful and intricate databases to gather the information you requested and will present it to you in an easy-to-read and understand format. Information that you may receive from the state of Washington may not contain the exact information you need – or it may be written in “legalese,” and difficult to decipher.

State of Washington Divorce Records

Simply click on the link below and you’ll be connected to an online search site that offers a quick, easy and inexpensive method for getting all the information you seek about Washington divorce records.