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Utah Divorce Records

Utah is a state that makes it a little more complicated to locate specific divorce records. Knowing how to navigate the problems makes it simpler and less time-consuming. At the present time, Utah divorce records can only be accessed through the Division of Archives and Records service. There are also stipulations such as that the divorce cannot be granted more than 75 years ago. Free public records are available, but the process can be tedious if you’re searching records on your own. If you go through the state of Utah, you’ll need to fill out an application that requires you to reveal your identification and other information that you might have about the divorce. Name listed on the divorce, date of divorce and county in which the divorce took place are just some types of information you’ll need to complete the application.

Send the complete application to:
Utah Department of Health and Office of Vital Records and Statistics
Box 141012
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012

Divorce Records Utah

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If you’re searching for a divorce record from the territorial era (1852 – 1895), you’ll need to know the approximate date of the divorce and where the divorced couple was living at the time. Since the information is indexed by name, you might find this a very time-consuming operation. Divorces granted during Utah’s territorial era (especially 1852 until 1887) had two courts that could hold jurisdiction for the divorce proceedings – the district court and the probate court. Residents weren’t required to file for divorce in their county of residence, so many filed elsewhere in the territory. Also, the population of the state of Utah dramatically increased after the transcontinental railroad came through in 1869, so there are many more records to search through.

State of Utah Divorce Records

You may want to have a fee-based, online site do the work of searching through Utah divorce records for you. They can cut through the red tape and won’t ask for your personal information. For a small fee, these sites will use incredible search engines and databases that states can’t afford to search for the exact record you need. All you have to do is give them as much information as you have on the divorce to help with the search. After that, the search begins and you can sit back and wait for the results – usually delivered within moments of submitting the request. Keep in mind that if you’re searching for a Utah divorce record that occurred during the territorial era, it may not have survived – and many aren’t indexed by name. If you use a fee-based, online site for your search, you won’t have to pay a fee. No record – no fee. Click on the link if you want to learn more about using an online site to search for a Utah divorce record – or any vital record you may need.