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South Dakota Divorce Records

There may be many reasons why you want to research South Dakota divorce records. One might be just to prove that you were divorced. Another might be for genealogical purposes and still another might be for legal reasons. Whatever the reasons, there are a few ways that you can find what you’re looking for. One is to perform the search yourself, but beware that searching through online records can be a daunting task and very time consuming. Another way to retrieve the records is to search by mail. You can write to the South Dakota vital records department at:

South Dakota Vital Records
207 East Missouri Avenue, Suite 1A
Pierre, SD 57501

Divorce Records South Dakota

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This department maintains all divorce records that happened in South Dakota since 1905. Although searching South Dakota divorce records is perfectly legal, you will have to submit an application, either in person or through the mail or by phone. There will be a fee charged and you may use a credit card for this purpose. The application may be downloaded, printed and then filled out with as much of the information as possible. It’s helpful if you know the names of those who initiated the divorce, the date the decree was issues and the county where the divorce took place. If you don’t know the exact date, it’s helpful if you can indicate a time span. When you choose to go through the state for a copy of the decree, you’ll also have to reveal your name and other pertinent information such as your relationship with one of the people listed on the divorce and the reason why you want a copy.

State of South Dakota Divorce Records

Most legal professionals think that the best way to search for copies of a state’s vital records is to go through an online, fee-based site. Most of these sites offer memberships so that information can be accessed on a daily or weekly basis. But, most also offer a reasonable fee for a one-time search. You won’t have to reveal any personal information for these sites, and you’ll likely receive the information you requested within moments. One of the major advantages of these sites is that the report you receive will be targeted to those who don’t really understand “legal” language. And, since the sites have larger and better databases, you’ll likely receive more detailed information than you would from a state-based search. Be sure to click on the link to find out more about these online, fee-based sites and see how you can benefit from these services when searching for vital records like South Dakota divorce records.