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South Carolina Divorce Records

When it’s necessary to search through vital records for information you may need, most states provide a vital records department which can be searched as long as you go through the proper protocol. South Carolina divorce records can be searched by the state if you submit an application and can show proper identification. If you order by mail, the processing time usually takes from two to four weeks unless you specify that it be expedited (for a $17 fee). The $12, non-refundable fee is charged for the initial search. Mail the application with the fee(s) to:

South Carolina Vital Records Department
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Remember, if you don’t have a valid identification, the request will likely be rejected by the state. Divorce wasn’t legalized in the state of South Carolina until 1950. Before that, a divorce had to be granted through the Court of Common Pleas, but rarely succeeded. The state began keeping records of divorces since 1962. If you need to search through older records, you’ll have to go through the county clerk in which the divorce was granted. Since the Freedom of Information Act, the states have recognized that everyone should have access to certain vital records, but the information might be limited. You may not be able to find information about child custody or other sensitive and personal matters listed in the divorce decree.

Divorce Records South Carolina

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If you need information from South Carolina divorce records quickly and need to ensure their accuracy, think about enlisting an online search service. You’ll pay a fee, but won’t have to fill out an application or produce identification. The information you’ll receive will be more accurate because of the powerful search engines and vast databases of the professional search site. All you have to do is enter what information you have about the divorce, including the full names of the respondent and petitioner and where the divorce took place. Any other information you can provide might speed up the search and ensure that you get other information also associated with the people involved, such as addresses, phone numbers and other data that might not be available through a state search.

State of South Carolina Divorce Records

Colorado divorce records, as in other states, are numerous and sometimes complicated to sort through. A fee-based, online search site can cut to the chase and find your information without having to search through extraneous information that you may not need. It may also be confusing to receive a pile of data that has no particular function or form. Click on the link to see how a fee-based, online site can help you find the divorce record you need – quickly and easily.