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Oklahoma Divorce Records

Oklahoma divorce records are readily available to the public by going through the Vital Records Service of the state of Oklahoma. The address is:

Vital Records Service
State Department of Health
1000 Northeast 10th Street, Room 117
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

The state keeps detailed records of every vital record, but with so many divorces each year, it may take some time to access the exact record you want. And, there may be some restrictions as to the type of information you can request.

For example, you may not get the personal information of the decree, such as a monetary settlement amount, alimony granted or child custody issues. The state considers these matters to be personal and is not required to offer them.

You’ll be required to submit an application that contains your name, address, phone number and a pin code after your application is accepted. And, you must state a relationship with a person named as respondent or petitioner. The only way you can get a copy of the decree is if you are a son, father, uncle, daughter, mother or a fiancé of the respondent or petitioner.

The county in which the divorce was granted will search through the records, so it’s helpful if you know that information. If you don’t know the county, the main office will search through the files to see if a divorce was granted in the state and then forward the request to the county in which it was granted.

You’ll need to pay a fee to the state for their service (usually around $15 per copy of divorce certificate), and possibly wait for weeks before you’ll receive the certificate through the mail.
If you don’t want to go wade through the red tape that’s required when you use the state to search through records, you can use an online fee-based service. You’ll pay a small fee for a one-time search and the service will look through other states if you don’t know the exact location of the divorce.

Divorce Records Oklahoma

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You’ll also receive a very concise report that contains information other than the data you’ll likely get from the state, including addresses, current marital status and child custody information if available. These professional services will use powerful databases and search engines to search for public divorce records and find every scrap of information they can on the divorce decree data you requested.

State of Oklahoma Divorce Records

Best of all, you’ll usually receive the report immediately – or at least within 24 hours, based on how much information you need and how many states the search requires. Your identification is never revealed, so no one will know that you requested the search.

Be sure to click on the link to find out more information about how to conduct a fee-based, Oklahoma divorce records search.