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North Dakota Divorce Records

The North Dakota vital records department can supply copies of North Dakota divorce records when you apply through the county clerk where the divorce took place. Free divorce records can be found if you’re willing to do the search yourself, but beware that there are thousands of divorce records and you may not be able to receive the information you need. You can apply through the mail for a copy of a North Dakota divorce record by mailing a request to:

North Dakota Division of Vital Records
600 East Blvd. Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58505-0200

If you don’t know the county where the divorce took place, you must request that search first. Since 2008, North Dakota requires identity and a reason for searching through vital records because of fraud or theft possibilities. Along with the request by mail, you should provide a photocopy of picture identification, such as a government issued driver’s license. If you don’t comply with all of the North Dakota requirements, your request will be denied. After your request is received and verified, it will likely be processed between five and seven days and you’ll receive the report shortly thereafter.

Divorce Records North Dakota

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State of North Dakota Divorce Records

There are many reasons why you may want to search through North Dakota divorce records, including legal, immigration, will or trust and also to verify a person’s background. Many people use these search services to make sure a person’s past is true to what they maintain – and a verification of that information can bring peace of mind. North Dakota recognizes that the public can search through records because of the Freedom of Information Act, but they also protect the divorced couple’s information by not revealing such data as the custody agreement or settlement. Another way to search through North Dakota divorce records is to employ the resources of an online, fee-based search service. These services are readily available online, and you don’t have to worry about all the hassles involved in searching through the records yourself – or through the state. The service charges a small fee and you’ll usually receive the requested information within moments. And, you won’t have to divulge your private information or why you’re requesting a copy of the divorce decree. The online service will provide professionals who know how to use the powerful databases and search engines at their disposal to find the records you need. In fact, you’ll usually receive much more information than you would receive from a state or self-search. The link will take you directly to more information about how to use an online search service to perform a North Dakota divorce records search.