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New Jersey Divorce Records

Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can now search through states’ records to verify or gather valuable information about divorce records. New Jersey divorce records can be readily obtained online from the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center, but there are certain guidelines you must follow.

If you want a certified copy of a divorce record from the state of New Jersey, you must first complete an application. Then, you have to provide proof of your identity and include the proper fee for the service. Fees are listed on the web page of the Superior Court of New Jersey Records center.

If you’re requesting a certified (raised seal) copy, you will need to furnish proof that you are related to the person whose divorce record you’re requesting. A certified copy of a divorce record comes with a raised seal on official State of New Jersey paper and establishes validity for legal documents. If you’re only seeking basic information for genealogy purposes, for example, you won’t need identity and the record will be sent to you on plain paper.

You can also select an online records search group to do the work for you. This service is great for attorneys and others who need research on a regular basis, but you can choose a one-time search, pay a small fee and get the information you need in a timely manner.

Divorce Records New Jersey

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Online search sites provide top quality search engines and data bases that legal professionals use for their research needs. You can be sure that you’re receiving up to date and accurate records.

State of New Jersey Divorce Records

There are many reasons why you might want to look up divorce records. You may be searching archives to trace family genealogy information, research for a will or trust, clarify surname records – or any number of other reasons.

Whatever your reason for researching particular divorce records, you’ll likely want an accurate and speedy delivery, so if you choose a paid search site, be sure it’s one you can absolutely trust to use the latest database information from private and public sites.

All you have to do to receive the information is to enter some basic information about the records you’re searching for, pay a small fee for the service and let the online site do the work.

You’ll usually receive a report within minutes, whereas the free, New Jersey Divorce Records site may take a week or even a month. You’ll receive the information through your computer, rather than snail mail and the information is yours to keep.