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Nevada Divorce Records

Anyone can now search through free public divorce records either online or through the mail. However, each state has its own set of rules for performing the search. When searching for Nevada divorce records, know that you can only receive a summary of a divorce that occurred since 1969 and you must request the summary from the county clerk where the divorce took place. If you’re seeking an earlier divorce record (1850-1969), you’ll need to apply through the clerk of court. Nevada’s territorial era took place before 1864 and you can also find an index of divorce records for this period at the Nevada State Library and Archives. If you choose to order a copy of Nevada divorce records by mail, send the application and request form to:

Nevada Office of Vital Records
4150 Technology Way; Suite 104
Carson City, Nevada 89706

Divorce Records Nevada

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You’ll also need to send a fee of $20 in the form of a money order or personal check for each copy of a certified, Nevada divorce decree. On the application for a state-based search, you may be required to provide both names of the divorced couple, date and county or city where the divorce took place. When you’re searching through state records using a state-based search site, it sometimes takes longer than using a private, fee-based online search service. These online services charge a fee for either a one-time search through Nevada divorce records or you can become a member and search any time you want if you think you’ll be performing a number of searches. You can rest assured that most online search services will keep your identity strictly confidential and that you’ll only need to provide minimal information. These services are specially designed to conduct precise and thorough searches through state records and will usually be able to send you a report within moments – directly to your computer. You’ll be able to read the report in the privacy of your home or office and know that your identity won’t be revealed.

State of Nevada Divorce Records

These fee-based, online search services provide the searches based on the needs of some legal professionals or genealogical researchers who need information quickly – and they also need it to be unquestionably accurate. You’ll likely receive more information about the Nevada divorce record than you would from a state-based service because of the wide reach of the search engines and the vast information contained on their databases. The link will take you directly to more information about how you can benefit from a professional, online search service.