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Maryland Divorce Records

In order to access free public divorce records from the state of Maryland, you must be able to state why you want access to the records. You must be an ex-wife or husband, an attorney who represents one of these parties, proof that you’re a court of law requesting information or a representative of the ex-wife or husband in some capacity. You should also have information about the circuit court of Maryland in which the divorce was recorded. Applications for access to Maryland divorce records can be obtained by the Division of Vital Records. Send the application and a money order or personal check to:

Division of Vital Records
P.O. Box 68760
Baltimore, MD 21215

If you don’t have an application, you can still request the divorce record by sending information that contains the ex-wife and husband’s full names and the date on which the divorce took place. You may also have to present proof of identity such as a valid ID with photo, government letter or other required documents. Keep in mind that the Vital Records Division in the state of Maryland can only verify that the divorce took place and the names of the individuals involved in the divorce. The only place where you can obtain a copy of the decree is from the circuit court where the divorce was issued.

In the past, the only way you could get copies of vital records, including Maryland divorce records was to go through the Division of Vital Records. But, since the onset of the Internet, you can now use powerful web search engines to obtain all sorts of public information. Many sites claim to be “free,” but charge service fees for their efforts or for copies of the divorce records. Unless you know how to perform these searches yourself, you may receive information that isn’t accurate or that includes data that you didn’t need or want. Using a reputable, fee-based search service can cut down the time and effort you spend to search through records, and you’ll receive accurate information in a professional format that’s easy to read and understand. You can choose to search for a Maryland divorce record one time or search for many records over a period of time at a discounted rate. It’s your choice.

Divorce Records Maryland

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Thanks to the Internet, millions of people are searching online to find information about ancestry, legal documents such as birth certificates and marriage and divorce records. Click on the link to find an online, fee-based search service that can meet your needs when searching for Maryland divorce records or other documents you might need.