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Hawaii Divorce Records

Hawaii divorce records can now be located by applying through the Department of Health located in that state. The procedure for locating a divorce record or any vital record in Hawaii is about the same as in any other state – the request must be in writing and you must fill out an application for a request. The application can be downloaded and sent to the following address:

Office of Health Status Monitoring
State Department of Health
Issuance/Vital Statistics Section
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96801

Divorce Records Hawaii

You should send the completed application and a check totaling $10 for an initial copy of the certificate and $4 for additional copies. Unless you appear at the office in person, you should pay by money order, certified check or a cashier’s check made out to the State Dept. of Health. Don’t send a personal check – it’s not accepted and will be returned. The office of health currently keeps records as far back as July of 1951 until December of 2002. Hawaii divorce records from other dates are kept in the court where the divorce was granted. All fees are non-refundable, even if they don’t find the record you requested. The older a record is, the more time it may take the department of health to search for it. It can usually be processed within ten working days, depending on the volume of requests. Note that you’ll also need to identify yourself, whether picking the certificate of divorce in person or by mail. You’ll need to send in a photocopy of a government-issued identification such as a driver’s license or another identification form with your photo on it.

State of Hawaii Divorce Records

The application you fill out should include the divorced couple’s names, addresses and telephone numbers and your relationship to at least one person named in the divorce, the reason why you need the Hawaii divorce record and file number, if possible. All information that you can provide will service to make the process faster. You can imagine the volume of Hawaii divorce records that must be searched on a daily basis – and you can now bypass the red tape of performing a records’ search by enlisting the help of an online search service. A reasonable fee will be charged to conduct a onetime search for the vital record you need and you should receive a report within minutes of the request. All information that you provide will be confidential and you won’t have to show identification or your relationship to a person listed on the divorce decree. It’s simple and time-saving – just click on the link below to get started.