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Free Divorce Records

A divorce record is a public domain but never issued to just anybody without a legal consent. Only the owners of the record have automatic access to it according to the constitution in the United States. More so, citizens are safeguarded with certain rights to privacy which give them the opportunity to request the court not to allow anybody else to obtain such information on the free divorce records. Also, policies do vary across the States in the act of governing over these legitimate vital records, so it is advisable to be aware with all the rules and guidelines in order to retrieve such reports smoothly.

Divorce Records must be publicly accessible; the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) says so. They are a principal vital records category across all states. Public Divorce Records will show marital status, divorce history with particulars of spouse, settlement and the works. In the case of serial divorcees, the whole string will be produced.

Online Public Divorce Records is Divorce Records Search made easy. It can be done undercover and all that’s needed is a name with a location such as county. No exposing yourself driving around, walk-up, fax, telephone, mail or even waiting period.

Free Public Divorce Records

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Note that there are two types of divorce records available, the divorce decree and the divorce certificate. Thus, you need to find out which one you would need most so you can specify in the request form as to whether you are looking for a decree or a certificate. The first is technically documented in court which actually lays the terms and conditions of the marriage dissolution. The Judge will be the one to sign it and filed with the county clerk where the decree was released. Hence, the county clerk’s office is the place to visit to when in search for the divorce decree. The second type of record is managed by each State’s Department of Health’s office. It contains the personal particular of the divorcees, the date and place where divorce was granted.

As mentioned, the spouses can anytime request for their own records as provided by law. However, others have the chance of obtaining a copy of it only when there is a legal court order. This usually happens when there is an urgent need to make reference with the divorce information as an aid to solve an on-going investigation or be leveraged as evidence during court proceedings. So, this is how you become eligible if you wish to grab a copy of either the divorce decree or divorce certificate.

Divorce Records Search

Always consider that applying for these particular documents do require corresponding payments. Speaking of which, the amount varies depending on the policy imposed per State. But usually, a copy of it is equivalent to $30.00; it will cost more if you want to reproduce more copies of the said divorce. Each State has the prerogative to update its rate in the issuance of this authentic record, thus, it is recommended that you call the office concerned to be sure that you are paying the right amount. Both the county clerk office and the State Department of Health office are able to entertain requests via mail, email or walk-in procedure.

Now, you must be able to present the necessary paper documents which show proof that you are indeed a legitimate citizen in the US and that you are qualified to place a request of the free divorce records. The common requirements include a current driver’s license, state issued non-driver photo ID card, passport, and a U.S. military issued photo-ID. You may also bring in a utility or phone bills or a letter from government agency dated within the last six months.

With today’s big advancement in technology, these specific records can be acquired in no time using the Internet. So, people are no longer limited to requesting the reports at a government agency alone, but have the option to explore the web to search for this valuable information. However, individuals who would like to avail this online alternative must need to pay in return for the hassle-free service being offered. The choice is still yours, whether you go for the traditional method of searching or venture into this web-based records solution.