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District of Columbia Divorce Records

The District of Columbia manages a huge amount of public divorce records for the size it encompasses. You can get District of Columbia divorce records by showing up in person at the county courthouse where the divorce was granted or by sending an application to the Vital Records Department at the following address:

Vital Records Office
825 North Capitol Street, NE
Room 1312, First Floor
Washington, DC 20002

Divorce Records District of Columbia

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You can also search online through the registry of the county in which the divorce was granted, but because of the huge volume of divorces granted, you may find authenticity problems concerning the names, addresses and date of the divorce decree. If you have sketchy information, you may receive a report that isn’t as complete as you’d like. Whatever the purpose for searching through District of Columbia divorce records, you’ll want the information you receive to be accurate and up to date. The divorce record itself will contain such data as the divorced party’s full names and addresses, location of the divorce, alimony (if granted), custody of children and other information that might be necessary if you’re conducting a background check for employment or are interested in finding out the history of a person. A fee of $20 is charged for a certified copy of a divorce record in the District of Columbia.

State of District Of Columbia Divorce Records

You can also use an online, fee-based service to find vital records. You’ll pay a small fee for a one-time search – or join the site by paying a monthly fee if you think you’ll need to use the records search site on a regular basis. Many employers find these sites useful when checking the backgrounds of perspective employees and lawyers find them indispensible for obtaining data for a court case. Genealogy searchers also find these sites useful. You receive the information directly to your computer in usually a matter of moments and your identity is kept strictly confidential. There are literally billions of records that can be searched online, and even in the smallest of states, there’s usually a waiting period of at least two weeks to receive the search information you requested. By using an online search site, you’ll have the power of professional search engines, designed to cut through thousands of records in a minute amount of time. Professionals at the website oversee the search and make sure that you get as much data as possible after the search is conducted. Most online search sites charge nothing if the record you requested isn’t found. Click on the link to get started searching for the divorce record – or other vital records – you need.