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Canada Divorce Records

Canada divorce records searches can be performed by filling out an application and presenting to the Registry of the province where the divorce took place. In Alberta there are no requirements for eligibility to obtain a copy of the divorce certificate, but this may not be true in other areas of Canada. The more information you can provide about the divorce, the better your chances are of obtaining a fruitful search. You may download an application for a search online or from the province in which the event took place.

Registry agents who perform the public divorce records search may require you to pay a fee for their services. Fees vary by provinces. After the application is received by the registry, it can usually be searched within two or three business days and are then mailed to you at the address provided on the application.

Canada’s Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings is located in Ottawa and the head of the department is the Department of Justice. Canada divorce records have been kept by the Central Divorce Registry since 1968, and they also maintain pending divorce records that have been applied for and signed by the husband and wife.

If you don’t know the province where the divorce you’re searching for was granted, you’ll have to go through the entire Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings to go forward with the search. In Canada, you can obtain a copy of a divorce proceeding even if you’re not connected to the divorcing parties in any way. Many find that searching through divorce records helps turn up genealogical information or provides data for legal cases, immigration issues or background information.

Divorce Records Canada

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The Parliament of Canada was responsible for granting divorces from the years 1840 until 1968 and those petitioning for a divorce had to enter a notice of intent which was then placed in newspapers of the county or district of the petitioner. After six months, the divorce was granted.

State of Canada Divorce Records

An easier way to search through Canada divorce records is to use an online, fee-based search service that maintains huge data bases, for Canada and other countries, including the United States. It’s simple and easy – all you do is enter as much information as possible about the divorce. It’s helpful if you have the full names of both divorced parties, plus the Canadian province involved and the date of which the divorce too place. These online services usually search with huge databases and search engines, so you’ll receive results in a minimum amount of time and with very little effort. Click on the link to learn more about using a fee-based, online service to search through Canada divorce records.