The Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

If there are advantages in social media there are also disadvantages of it. Users must take advantage of the benefits it brings you, but of course be fully aware of the harmful things it may cause you. The University of Michigan shows us the positive and negative things about social media so that the online users will warned of it.

Social Media Divorce

pros and cons of social media

Married Individuals Go Separate Ways for A Number of Reasons

Couples surely have reasons why they break up in the course of their marriage though a few of them don’t really have acceptable reasons why they had to do it. But here are some reasons why couples split up including infidelity, frequent fighting, lack of communication, had money issues and many more. Word of advise, if anything that makes a problem in the relationship, it should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it is going to escalate to the point that couples cannot control it anymore.

Divorce Reasons Divorce


Spy Technology Playing a Part in Modern Divorce

People who are going through a divorce are resorting to using modern technology to spy on their former partners and many of these techniques are illegal. Spy technology is a readily available and inexpensive option to people who want to gather information on a spouse and privacy no longer exists in 2012. As soon as someone thinks they have been betrayed, they can start to gather evidence to support this proposition. The person who has been scorned is not thinking logically and is going to be out for revenge against his or her former spouse.


Statistics Shed Light on Marriage and Divorce

The U.S. Census Bureau has released statistics on its American Survey Data on Marriage and Divorce, and the numbers are very interesting. Divorce rates are higher in the south, while residents of northeastern states had lower rates for marriage and divorce than other parts of the country. Men are more willing to remarry than women following a divorce, while more women are widows than men become widowers. Another interesting figure was that there are more people in the 25-34 age group who are unmarried than married. Keep in mind that these numbers represent real people.