Legitimate Guide To File for Child Custody

First of all, you need to have the legal permission from the court if you are allowed to raise your child. So, you have to evaluate yourself if you do have the requirements for child custody. Here are some of the instructions. First, get the appropriate forms you need to file for custody. Second, fill out the forms completely. Third, serve the other parent with a copy of the child custody petition. Fourth, go to court on the date and at the time designated by the court clerk.

Chid Support Divorce

Chid Support Divorce

The Statistics on Marriage and Divorce and How It Influences Children

Children are most affected by the separation of their parents. The mental and emotional agony are obviously displayed on the way they behave at present. And so, they have to be taken care of before they suffer from any serious condition which was caused by the break up of their parents. There are many reasons why couples have to part ways and that is one reason why they had to file for a divorce. See infographic below for more details.

Children Influence Divorce

How Substance Abuse Leads To Filing A Divorce

It is simple to say when marriage is not working anymore. Here are a few things; if there is a change in marriage and life due to addiction, counselling at personal and professional level is futile, if spouse is failing drug tests, you cannot face your family and friends due to spouses addiction. This is one serious problem which you could be facing in your life. 7.3% of marriages end in divorce due to illegal drug abuse. If you love your spouse you must never get involved into drugs or otherwise you will become a slave to it all your life.

Drug Addict Divorce


States With The Highest Divorce Rates

The most shocking fact in the history of divorces in America is that there is 1 divorce in every 13 seconds, 6,646 per day and 46,523 per week. Imagine how many would that be in a month, that’s quite a lot of marriages coming to an end! As for the highest divorce rates in America they include from top to bottom Nevada, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Vermont respectively. And the lowest ones include Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and North Dakota.

Divorce Rates Divorce