The Statistics on Divorce in Our Time

These are the details about the divorces that happened in the United States today. First, 15% of divorces were granted for adultery. Second, 42% of marriages end in divorce in the UK. Third, nearly 25% of families in the UK are lone parent families. Fourth, almost 50% of divorces involve children under 16 years old.

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Actual Reports on Divorce in America

Here are some of the facts which relate to the divorces that happened in America. First, about half of the marriages end in a divorce. Second, 15% of couples chose long-term separation over divorce because of money reasons. Third, 57% of attorneys noticed a drop in divorce filings during the 2008 recession. Fourth, 28% of children living with a divorced parent were likely to be living below the poverty level.

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The Divorce Rates Which You Might Want To Know About

There has been an increase in the divorce rates nowadays. Here are some pieces of information which you might want to know about divorces today. First, women who got married below 20 years old have a 27.6% likelihood of divorce while males married below 20 only have 11.7% likelihood of divorce. Second, first marriage divorce rates are roughly 45-50% while second marriages are 60-67% and third marriages are a whopping 70-73%.

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When Do You Let Go of an Illegal Drugs Addict?

Being with a drug addict spouse is never that easy. Hence, you got to make a decision when things are out of control already, otherwise your life will be in great danger. So, here are the things which you need to consider. First, change in marriage and life due to addiction. Second, counselling at personal and professional level. Third, spouse is failing drug tests and lying about addiction.

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