Statistics on Popular Celebrity Divorces

A lot of celebrity relationships these days turn to divorce as the solution to their marital problems, issues that cannot be resolved no matter what they do. Here are some of the celebrity divorce statistics. First, Mel Gibson paid his wife $425M, the largest celebrity divorce settlement on record. Second, Zsa Zsa Gabor has been married 9 times. Her current marriage has lasted 27 years. Third, Britney Spears was married to her friend, Jason Alexander, for a mere 55 hours.

Statistics Celebrity Divorce

The Statistics on the Effect of Divorce on Children

There is definitely effects accompanied to children whose parents are divorced. Here are some statistics behind it. First, 2 out of 5 children will experience divorce before they reach 18. Second, there are over a million of divorces per year in America. Third, nearly 25% of children will spend time with a step family. Fourth, over a million of children under 18 are involved in a divorce each year.

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Learn the Short Term Effects of Divorce on Children

Parents must know the effects when they plan to have a divorce from their spouse. Here are the short term effects of divorce on children. First, non-compliance and perceived parental loss. Second, opposition, impulsivity, aggression. Third, economic hardship, life stress. Fourth, anger and sadness. Look out for more from the infographic below.

Short Effects Divorce

The Crazy Divorce Facts in History

Divorce has been very common to people most especially to those living in the United States. Here’s a glimpse of the history in regards to divorce. First, a 99 year old man divorced his wifer after 77 years of marriage. Second, no US president has been elected after being divorced except for Ronald Reagan. Third, the youngest girl to ever be divorced was 10 years old. Please see more of the odd scenarios regarding divorce from the infographic below.

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