How Do You Proceed in Applying for Divorce

There is a legal process which you need to follow if you are going to file or apply for a divorce. First, you need to hire a divorce lawyer to orient you with the steps which you have to go through in order for you to proceed. And then, there will be a hearing date and then an arrangement for children. It could take days or even weeks. See more details related to divorce from the infographic below.

Legal Application Divorce

How To Deal With Family Disputes

People can’t avoid certain family issues to arise more especially when couples are not in good terms. So, here are the phases which you take when you want to take the issues to a legal approach. First there is the community touch points. Second, social services and family service centers. Third, specialist agencies for family violence and divorce. Fourth, post-case support and court order/judgement.

Family Conflict Divorce

How To Adjust After The Divorce

Getting divorced is hard when you did not see it coming. How you adjust on things will be the hardest part if you are not fully ready yet to such change. Here are some tips which you can apply. First, act in the best interest of your children. Second, create new rituals without your spouse. Third, make and create plans for example on your holiday destination. Fourth, listen to your children. Fifth, avoid the guilt trip. See more tips in the infographic below.

Adjustment Guide Divorce

Adjustment Guide Divorce

1 Out of 5 Divorces Is Due To Facebook

Facebook has brought so much influence these days to people. It has not only served as a bridge for long lost friends but it has gone even further than that. According to research, 14% of divorces come from myspace, 5% from twitter and 66% from using Facebook. Therefore, you got to be very careful these days as to who you are dealing with online for it could only lead up to destroy your marriage relationship.

Social Effects Divorce