How Is Child Custody Determined?

When you are separating from your former spouse you should find out or know the things behind child custody. So, here’s how child custody is being decided. First, 51% agreed on their own. Second, 29% settled without third party involvement. Third, 11% decided during mediation. Fourth, 5% resolved differences after custody evaluation. Fifth, 4% went to trial.

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Child Custody Report and Facts

Study did tell that $37.9 billion dollars was due for child support and of that amount only 62% was received. It is quite alarming that some parents are being very irresponsible in terms of doing their part in giving support to their children. Hence, the law will go after them to question them on the said legal matter. So, it is a call on parents today that they should be more accountable or else the court will sanction them.

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Factual Data Related to Child Custody

Child custody is hard to deal with when both parties don’t come to an equal agreement. Here are some data being gathered in the past. In 2011 alone there is $37.9 billion dollars due in child support already. And of that amount only 62% was recieved. Another fact is that 1 of 4 kids under 21 lived with only one of their parents and the others lived somewhere else.

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How Every Employer Helps in Child Support

Employers can greatly help a lot of children who are in dire need of support of any kinds more especially on the financial aspect. Here are some facts. First, nearly 70% of support came from employers as per study. Second, limits are different in each state, but are between 50 and 65%. Third, most payroll software supports EFT for child support. Please see more facts from the outlined infographic below.

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