The Divorce Rates Which You Might Want To Know About

There has been an increase in the divorce rates nowadays. Here are some pieces of information which you might want to know about divorces today. First, women who got married below 20 years old have a 27.6% likelihood of divorce while males married below 20 only have 11.7% likelihood of divorce. Second, first marriage divorce rates are roughly 45-50% while second marriages are 60-67% and third marriages are a whopping 70-73%.

Rates Comparing Divorce

Learn the Short Term Effects of Divorce on Children

Parents must know the effects when they plan to have a divorce from their spouse. Here are the short term effects of divorce on children. First, non-compliance and perceived parental loss. Second, opposition, impulsivity, aggression. Third, economic hardship, life stress. Fourth, anger and sadness. Look out for more from the infographic below.

Short Effects Divorce

Factual Data Related to Child Custody

Child custody is hard to deal with when both parties don’t come to an equal agreement. Here are some data being gathered in the past. In 2011 alone there is $37.9 billion dollars due in child support already. And of that amount only 62% was recieved. Another fact is that 1 of 4 kids under 21 lived with only one of their parents and the others lived somewhere else.

Custody Information Divorce

The Marital Separation Information and Facts

Relationships have to be taken care of because once they are broken they could be forever lost. However, there are really cases when it is inevitable to be legally separated from a spouse due to some valid reasons. There are facts behind it. First, 79% of married couples who separate and eventually get divorced. Second, 50% who remain separated for atleast before divorcing. See more data below.

Separation Facts Divorce