The Crazy Divorce Facts in History

Divorce has been very common to people most especially to those living in the United States. Here’s a glimpse of the history in regards to divorce. First, a 99 year old man divorced his wifer after 77 years of marriage. Second, no US president has been elected after being divorced except for Ronald Reagan. Third, the youngest girl to ever be divorced was 10 years old. Please see more of the odd scenarios regarding divorce from the infographic below.

Legal Facts Divorce

How Every Employer Helps in Child Support

Employers can greatly help a lot of children who are in dire need of support of any kinds more especially on the financial aspect. Here are some facts. First, nearly 70% of support came from employers as per study. Second, limits are different in each state, but are between 50 and 65%. Third, most payroll software supports EFT for child support. Please see more facts from the outlined infographic below.

Support Facts Divorce

The Legitimate Facts of Marital Separation

Marital separation is never easy because it is emotionally draining and it could cause some problem to kids as well. Here are some of what really occur when marital separation strikes. First, 79% of married people who part ways and eventually get divorced. Second, couples in long-term separations tend to be racial minorities, low-income families, and families with children.

Separation Fact Divorce

Divorce Statistics and Rates in the United States

The divorce rate in the United States has increased over time as shown in the legal records. So, here are the statistics. First, females who got married at the age of 20 have a 27.6% likelihood of divorce while males married under the age of 20 only have a 11.7% likelihood of divorce. Second, first marriage divorce rates are roughly 45-50% while second marriages are 60-67%. Please see more data from the infographic below.

Statistics Rates Divorce

Statistics Rates Divorce