Legitimate Procedure of Divorce in Utah

Different States in America have various procedures being implemented in regards to imposing the law on divorce. In Utah, here are the legal steps that you have to undergo in order to get divorced. So, here are the things when you will pass through. First, hire and attorney. Second, file a petition. Third, spouse served. Fourth, there is a minimum of 90 days. Fifth, there is mediation then the divorce will be finalized. Please see more facts and information from the infographic below.

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Child Custody Arrangements and Decisions

In the child custody proceeding there are two outcomes the mediation or trial where it will be decided if it is going to be a sole possession to mother, sole possession to father or a joint possession. On another note, custody battle is determined by the following. First, agreed between spouses. Second, settled without 3rd party involvement. Third, decided during mediation. Fourth, via trial proceeding.

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Effect of Divorce to Both Young Children and Adolescents

Going through a divorce is totally a bad experience after all. It causes a lot of negative impact to both the young children and the adolescents as well. For the young children it could lead to separation anxiety, crying at any time, tantrums, whining, clinging and bed wetting. For the adolescents it could result to rebellion, being undisciplined, feelings of grief, lack of trust, disconnected and feeling of entitlement.

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Statistics and Data on Legal Separation

Legal separation or marital separation is one hard process that both husband and wife will go through. As per the report being made, 79% of those who have decided to part ways or separate ways would eventually get divorced. And then 50% of those who stayed separated for at least a year before divorcing. It means that there is really high chances of divorcing for good when one decides to legally separate.

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