1 Out of 5 Divorces Is Due To Facebook

Facebook has brought so much influence these days to people. It has not only served as a bridge for long lost friends but it has gone even further than that. According to research, 14% of divorces come from myspace, 5% from twitter and 66% from using Facebook. Therefore, you got to be very careful these days as to who you are dealing with online for it could only lead up to destroy your marriage relationship.

Social Effects Divorce

What To Expect in A Divorce Process

If you don’t have any idea on what to do when filing a divorce then you must consider these steps to help you out with the entire process. First, you should be able to hire a legal officer or a lawyer. Second, file your petition before the court. Third, serve the other party with the petition. Fourth, you wait 30 days for the other party to respond. Fifth, exchange income, asset and debt information with the other party. Please see more steps below to proceed with your plan to file a divorce.

Overview Steps Divorce

The Child Custody Ethical Guidelines

When you are in the midst of a divorce with your espouse you need to know the arrangements in regards to the subject on child support. It also has something to do with child custody where you really have to stick to the agreed rules between you and your ex-partner. Please see infographic below for the hints and tips which you must observe in order for you to maintain a post-divorce relationship with your former husband or wife.

Child Custody Divorce

The Statistics of Divorce Occurrences Per Age

Let me show you the probabilities of divorces per age bracket. Based on actual reports, those who are under 20 years when married has 54% chances of getting divorced. Ages 20 to 24 years when married have 69% probability of going separate ways. While 25 or older when married have 78% chance of parting ways. These are the current statistics today of people who give up their marriages for a lot of reasons. See more details below for your information.

America Statistics Divorce