The Types of Child Custody Which You Need To Know

If you are going through the divorce proceedings and that you do not know how to go about the child custody then you must first know the types of custody that could be rewarded to you. There are actually two types of custody these days. First, the sole custody where only one parent has full legal responsibility over his or her children. Second, the shared custody by which the child spends equal time with his or her parents. You must know these things in order for you to get the process done. Parents must talk cordially, otherwise, the child custody battle could become really bad for both of the parents.

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Facts on Marriages and Divorces in the United States

The average age for adults to get married in the United States is 28. And unfortunately, 60% of them end up divorcing for a lot of reasons. Those who got divorced comes from ages between 20 and 25, sad to note. In other words, there are more couples who ended up getting divorced out of the the number of marriages that take place. And here’s another fact, those who live together prior to marriage are more likely split after years in marriage.

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The Statistics of Divorce Cases Over The Years

As per data gathered by the officials, it was found out that 15% of divorces were granted for adultery. Part of the report also tells that 50% of divorces involve children under 16 years old. Divorce is normal in the United States, for some reason it has been abused by many, using it as an escape to get rid of their wife or their husband. Some parents don’t realize how bad the impact is to some children who got affected by divorce. It is high time that an information drive on divorce should be initiated so that the individuals will not get shocked with post-effect of it to you and your children.

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Procedure on How to Go Through The Divorce Proceeding

There is a standard procedure which residents can do when filing for a legal separation. It is very strict that you must follow or adhere to the requirements and steps that the local court would ask you to do. Some of the things that you should do include checking with state’s residency requirements, if it is met then you file it with the local court, then file legal separation agreement making sure that it is going to cover all issues like child custody, support, visitation and other things. There are more steps which you need to do, you just have to sit down with your lawyer to help you out in accomplishing the entire process.

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