Post-Divorce Experience of Couples Going Through It

It is surprising to note that after the divorces in America children have seen it as a solution to marriage problems. About 70% of them agree to such fact. On the other hand, 54% of divorced women get married again in 5 years time and only 6% of divorced couples end up marrying their partners again. Life after divorce could be hard if you are not prepared to deal with it. Hence, you must really condition yourself with what is life going to be after divorce. However, if marital woes can still be remedied then you try to fix it to avoid going through the divorce procedure.

Life After Divorce


Self-help Guide To Process A Divorce

It should be easy to file a divorce if you already knew the legal steps on how to do it. First, you have to let the court know that you want to file a divorce, on this note you will have to submit a formal petition showing the grounds as to why you want a divorce. Second, you then apply for a decree, the papers should be signed by you spouse. Third, apply for a decree absolute to legally end your marriage. To know more details on how to proceed with the filing of divorce, please see more information below.

how-to-get-a-divorce Divoce

What To Know About U.S. Divorces Today

Do you know the very top reason why people are divorcing in the United States? Simply because of lack of communication. It is actually not infidelity or differences in beliefs but really the lack of communication that slowly separates a couple. As a result, over a million of U.S. divorces have been filed in only a year. And 65% of it has been initiated by women. See more facts about the divorce cost and other vital details through the infographic below.

Legal Grounds Divorce


How Family Disputes Are Handled By Courts

It is common for couples to argue at some issues in their married life. Some of them are able to manage the concerns while some don’t. Hence, they had to take it to the court for a legal resolution. On that note, you would have to hire a lawyer to take care of the business which will have to be taken seriously before the court. All the documents and requirements should be filed legally more especially when it touches the subject on divorce. More so, you need to be fully educated in regards to how the justice system works so you will have a full knowledge on it and then when you work through it it will be very smooth for you to go through.

Family Dispute Divorce

Family Justice infographic