Things To Establish Prior To Filing a Divorce

There are three things which you need to take into consideration when moving forward in filing a divorce. First, you must be married for more than a year. Second, you have irreconciliable difference with solid grounds for filing a divorce. And third, check if the court has the jurisdiction or prerogative to divorce you. Some of the acceptable grounds for divorce include adultery, unreasonable behaviour, 2 years separation and other party consents to divorce, 5 year separation and 2 year desertion by other party.

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Amount Spent on Uncollected Child Assistance

Irresponsible parents are accountable for paying the money that the government is spending for child support. Only half of the collectibles are only recieved by the government. Hence, the law has been rectified to make the parents accountable as to how much they should be shouldering for the welfare of their children in accordance to the ruling of the court and the agreement he or she signed in during the divorce proceeding. Moving forward, anyone who is not following the orders of the courts shall be held liable and could be sentenced to imprisonment if necessary.

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How The Family Law Regulates The Case of Divorce

If you are in the middle of processing a divorce you must always consider the existing family law which governs how the divorce should be processed. The law helps mediate and resolve more especially if there are conflicts between husbands and wives. Hence, it is important to honor the law. Legal representatives should be able to explain the legal steps in order for both parties to undergo a smooth transition. There are principles that have to be adhered to and these things will be explained further to you by your lawyers.

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