How Family Law Dictates Life After Divorce

The decision of the court regarding the dissolution of marriage can have a life-long effect on both parties involved. As provided by the family law, the court will determine who gets to deserve child custody and on this note they will ask how much the parents are earning per month. Also, assets will be divided properly, then home ownership will be decided, future assets, social security record and a lot more. Hence, it is appropriate to know the basics of family law in order for the parties to be more compliant and adherent to the existing rules and regulations.

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How The Social Media Impacted The Divorces At Present

Believe it or not but survey says that 30% of individuals are monitoring the social media activities of their partners. And 1 in 10 persons has linked with somebody over the web, this has led to the issue of infidelity among couples nowadays. Also, when it comes to who does more on the monitoring aspect, men are found to be more suspicious over women. In fact, 33% of men go online to spy over only 28% of women. There are many areas and angles wherein the social media played a significant role in the divorces that are transpiring these days. These pieces of information are worth to be shared everyone who values their family and their relationships the most above all.

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Couples Living Together Outside of Marriage Growing

It is no surprise that marriages have fallen by a third because of two simple reasons; infidelity and attitude of the espouse when drunk. In history, divorces do not just happen in the 90th century but is already taking place even in the 18th century. Today, more and more people have ended getting divorced for various reasons. So, it is important that you study and understand how divorces occur and the impact of it to the involved parties and the society in general.

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States With The Highest Divorce Rates

The most shocking fact in the history of divorces in America is that there is 1 divorce in every 13 seconds, 6,646 per day and 46,523 per week. Imagine how many would that be in a month, that’s quite a lot of marriages coming to an end! As for the highest divorce rates in America they include from top to bottom Nevada, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Vermont respectively. And the lowest ones include Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and North Dakota.

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