5 Things No One Ever Says About Getting Divorced

There are common things that everyone knows about the process of getting divorced, such as how difficult it is, that it’s important to put the needs of the children first, and that it is less of a drain on the wallet if you use a mediator. It turns out that other people are having similar issues and are curious about this major change in your life, especially as it pertains to your sex life. The good news is that finding new sex partners will not be a problem, but finding intimacy will be more challenging.

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Jazz Musician Decides to End Marriage with Wife after 20 Years

Marriages fall apart to a lot of celebrities and show business personalities today. At the start, you would think that they are a perfect match for each another, but years later the relationship was never the same since it officially began. This holds true to a famous Jazz Musician, Kenny G who just filed a divorce from the person whom he had 20 years of marriage with. The primary reason is very common among others who have also undergone a hurtful and long process of divorce settlement, the irreconcilable differences. Benson-Gorelick had filed for legal separation in January, also citing irreconcilable differences. Both parents are seeking joint custody over their son Noah.

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Long-Term Separation Alternative for Those Who Cannot Afford to Divorce

A new survey has revealed that a majority of married couples who go through long-term separations cannot afford the expense of going through a divorce. Over 7,000 people participated in the study, which was conducted by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979. A total of 49 percent of participants had left a first marriage and 80 percent of these separations ended in divorce. The survey also found the reconciliation after separation is often unsuccessful, with half of the couples participating in the study going on to divorce.

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Privacy Real Reason Why Katie Holmes Filed for Divorce in NY

The Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce could have been dealt with in California or New York. One reason she may have decided to file for divorce in NY may have been that unlike California, where divorce filings are a matter of public record, they are a private matter in New York. Holmes may have wanted to keep the details of her finances and her life private. The couple had signed a pre-nuptial agreement, and filing in New York would have had no impact on the property settlement or how much spousal support Holmes would receive.

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