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Arkansas Divorce Records

Divorce is growing at such a rapid rate that you can imagine the gigantic amount of records that must be maintained by the states. You can search through a state’s records yourself, but expect to spend a lot of time and effort to glean out the information you need. Arkansas divorce records are maintained through the vital records division in Little Rock. To request a “coupon” copy of an Arkansas divorce record, you must first obtain an application and mail it to:

Arkansas Vital Records Department
4815 West Markham Street
Slot 44
Little Rock, AR 72205

The department keeps divorce records that occurred in Arkansas from January of 1923 until present day. If the divorce you’re searching for, they’re not recorded and kept in this office. The coupon of the divorce record is usually good for legal issues, but if you want to retrieve an actual copy of the license, you’ll need to apply through the county or circuit where the divorce was granted. If you go through the vital records department to search for an Arkansas divorce record, you’ll pay a $10 search fee that’s non-refundable. You’ll also need to state your reason for wanting the copy and be related to or representing the divorced parties. Others such as research groups or those who can prove they have a right to the search may also be issued a copy of the decree. On the application, you’ll need to fill out as much information as possible about the bride’s and groom’s marriage dissolution. The more information you offer the quicker and more accurate the search will be.

Divorce Records Arkansas

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There’s also another way to obtain Arkansas divorce records – an online search service. These services charge a fee, but you can bypass the lengthy application process and possible inaccuracy of the report. A fee-based, online search service can search through divorce records in a minute amount of time and provide you with a well-written report that usually contains much more information about the couple than you would get by going through a state search. The online services use more powerful search engines than the state services and the criteria they use for the search targets the divorce record you need more accurately.

State of Arkansas Divorce Records

Legal professionals use these online services on a regular basis to provide them with information they need to win a lawsuit and genealogical researchers use them to reveal information about families. Be sure to check out a reputable, online search service that can help you quickly find the Arkansas divorce record you need by clicking on the link. You’ll be connected with information about how to begin your search immediately.