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Arizona Divorce Records

Today, anyone can search through states’ divorce records for information about a past divorce decree. Arizona Divorce Records can be obtained by presenting the information you desire to the clerk of the superior court who resides in the Arizona county where the divorce was granted. Divorce court records in Arizona are not kept in the Office of Vital Records as it is in other states, therefore you must know the county before requesting the records. This makes it difficult if the divorce took place long ago or you don’t have information about the county in which the decree was issued. There are also fees involved when you request a copy of a divorce record, and the schedule can be found on the Arizona web site. Fees vary depending on the type of search you’re conducting and how you want to receive it – mail, UPS, etc. The usual time frame for receiving the Arizona divorce record you requested is about 15 to 20 weeks.

You’ll likely receive information that includes the bride’s and groom’s names, the wife’s maiden name, addresses as the time of the divorce, county where the couple filed for divorce and the date the decree was issued. The search will probably be done in the husband’s name, so you should be prepared to present that data for the search.

Divorce Records Arizona

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You may have to go through quite a bit of “red tape” to get the documents you desire, including presenting a photo identification of yourself and the reason why you want the record. You might also hire a private investigator to get the information, but that would be very expensive and likely time-consuming. Another way to get the information and avoid dealing directly with the state bureaucracy is to engage the services of an online service that will use a vast database and powerful search engines to assemble the information you need – privately and quickly. For a small fee, you’ll receive the Arizona divorce record that you requested in an informational format that you can easily read and glean the information you need in a moment.

State of Arizona Divorce Records

Legal professionals use online, fee-based services on a regular basis to procure information they may need for a legal procedure. Many obtain a monthly membership that these sites offer because they use them on a daily basis. You can also use a fee-based search site for one time only. The fees are reasonable and you’ll be assured of confidentiality. Also, if the service doesn’t find the record you requested, you won’t be charged. Click on the link to find out more about online search services.