Divorce Leads to Financial Woe

Challenges are yet to come after divorce. You may have obtained freedom from your spouse but you cannot disappear from the unsettled financial obligations. Divorce decree clarifies that it does not change one’s financial obligation to the creditors. Borrowed money should still be paid as agreed through divorce settlement or by court order. The decree is legally binding on the ex-spouses, but not with the credit card company. Thus, it implies that the company has the right to collect payments from either party. Other investments that are yet to be fully paid should be reconciled before the problem gets worst.

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Fathers Have Minimal Rights to Children During Divorce

Has the law been technically fair towards all parties involved in the divorce settlement? It seems like the law has always been on the side of the mothers for getting total custodial care over their minor children. Fathers cannot have the same right; all he has to do is pay for the support and has even limited child visitation depending on the ruling of the court. This fact appears to be one-sided for some reason. How about the rights of children and their fathers? What if he or she wanted to have more time with his or her father?

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