Divorce Statistics and Rates in the United States

The divorce rate in the United States has increased over time as shown in the legal records. So, here are the statistics. First, females who got married at the age of 20 have a 27.6% likelihood of divorce while males married under the age of 20 only have a 11.7% likelihood of divorce. Second, first marriage divorce rates are roughly 45-50% while second marriages are 60-67%. Please see more data from the infographic below.

Statistics Rates Divorce

Statistics Rates Divorce

How To Deal With a Drug Addict Espouse

What you are going to do if it so happened that you spouse is into taking illegal drugs? First, conduct drug tests and report to concerned authorities. Second, you need to scout for the best and suitable rehabilitation program. Third, you got to refer your spouse to the professionals. Please see more insightful information below for your guidance and for awareness purposes.

Drug Addiction Divorce

Drug Addiction Divorce

Effect of Divorce to Both Young Children and Adolescents

Going through a divorce is totally a bad experience after all. It causes a lot of negative impact to both the young children and the adolescents as well. For the young children it could lead to separation anxiety, crying at any time, tantrums, whining, clinging and bed wetting. For the adolescents it could result to rebellion, being undisciplined, feelings of grief, lack of trust, disconnected and feeling of entitlement.

Legal Rate Divorce

The Common Reasons Behind The Divorce

Married individuals are bound to go separate ways if they don’t maintain the things which they ought to maintain in a relationship. So, here are the things which are common reasons why people break-up. They have poor communication, finances issues, abuse, no longer attracted to one another and infidelity. Please see more details from the infographic below to learn more of it.

Legal Counsel Divorce