Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce: Heidi Admits to Dating Bodyguard

Heidi Klum has responded to estranged husband Seal’s allegation that she is dating her bodyguard by admitting that the pair are an item. She has said that she has known the man for four years and that he has been with the family for the same amount of time. Klum has clarified that the relationship with the bodyguard did not start until after she and her husband had separated and that she did not cheat during her marriage. Klum may have thought her marriage would last forever but now that it is over both of them need to move on.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/12/heidi-klum-seal-divorce-w_n_1878380.html

Children Can Get Through Divorce Unscathed

The results of research indicate the majority of children can get through their parents’ divorce without long-lasting negative outcomes. Approximately 75 percent of children do not experience any academic, social, or psychological difficulties as a result of the divorce. About 10 percent of children from non-divorced families experience these types of difficulties. Parental behavior is the key to how well children will cope following the divorce, and the first two years after the split will be the most difficult. Parents need to separate out their own needs from those of their children and be prepared to seek out professional help when necessary.

Source: http://carycitizen.com/2012/09/11/your-health-how-does-divorce-effect-children/

Chad Johnson Refusing to Sign Divorce Papers

Chad Johnson is stalling the divorce from estranged wife Evelyn Lozada by refusing to sign the papers. Johnson is reportedly trying to win back the start of VH1’s Basketball Wives, who filed for divorce three days after Johnson allegedly head-butted her during an argument in August. Johnson was arrested following the incident, and Evelyn required stitches to treat her injuries. Lozada does not need Johnson’s signature to end her marriage and can go ahead and have a judge make a ruling to issue a divorce decree. It looks like one strike and Johnson is out.

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/326354/chad-johnson-refuses-to-sign-divorce-papers-filed-by-evelyn-lozada-report/

Ohio Divorce Attorney Suspended for Neglecting Clients, Misconduct

A Supreme Court judge has suspended the license of attorney George C. Ford for two years for neglecting two clients, charging another an excessive fee, and failing to cooperate with authorities who were investigating allegations of his misconduct. He accepted a fee to act for a client but neglected to matter until the time to file papers had expired. Ford had been contacted over 50 times in a three-year period to respond to allegations but failed to complete and return necessary paperwork. If these allegations are true, this attorney is fortunate that he was only suspended and didn’t have his license to practice law permanently revoked.

Source: http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legal_profession/2012/09/persistent-divorce-client-neglected-attorney-suspended.html