How Is Child Custody Determined?

When you are separating from your former spouse you should find out or know the things behind child custody. So, here’s how child custody is being decided. First, 51% agreed on their own. Second, 29% settled without third party involvement. Third, 11% decided during mediation. Fourth, 5% resolved differences after custody evaluation. Fifth, 4% went to trial.

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Factual Studies on Marital Separation

Marital separation is sad to happen between husband and wife but let’s face it, it could happen to anybody. Studies reveal two things. First, 79% of married couples who separate eventually got divorced. Second, 50% of those who remained separated for at least 1 year before divorcing. Please see infographic below for more details relating to marital separation.

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Actual Reports on Divorce in America

Here are some of the facts which relate to the divorces that happened in America. First, about half of the marriages end in a divorce. Second, 15% of couples chose long-term separation over divorce because of money reasons. Third, 57% of attorneys noticed a drop in divorce filings during the 2008 recession. Fourth, 28% of children living with a divorced parent were likely to be living below the poverty level.

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The Statistics on the Effect of Divorce on Children

There is definitely effects accompanied to children whose parents are divorced. Here are some statistics behind it. First, 2 out of 5 children will experience divorce before they reach 18. Second, there are over a million of divorces per year in America. Third, nearly 25% of children will spend time with a step family. Fourth, over a million of children under 18 are involved in a divorce each year.

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