Why Resort To Family Mediation?

In the troubles that couples are facing these days mediation would be an excellent tool for them to settle things over. So, what is mediation all about? It goes through the 3 stages which include the individual assessments the first stage, second stage is the sessions of mediation with all parties and the third stage is agreement reached/court order sought. These are the fundamental stages you need to go through in order to have a smooth mediation procedure.

Mediation Stages Divorce

More Mature Couples Have Lesser Tendency To Divorce

With the increasing number of young couples who got married today, the impact of it in the society is actually body considering that couples who are younger have more chances of separating or even deciding to get divorced. So, there is that issue of maturity among these couples nowadays. Based on studies, these young couples whose age bracket is from 20 to 24 constitute largely in the 50% rate of divorce in America. See more details below by checking out the infographics.

Immature Couple Divorce

The Types of Custody Which The Court Provides

When you are undergoing in a custody battle you should be able to know the types of custody that the court can reward you. So here are the types; the sole custody, it is given when one parent has full legal responsibility, joint custody is when parents share legal responsibility for decisions related to the child. And another one is called shared custody or shared parenting as an arrangement where the child spends equal time with parents. See more of the types from the infographic below.

Custody Court Divorce

How Does Marriage Breakdown Lead To Divorce

Don’t you know that 53% of the individuals in the United States discussed the idea of divorce to somebody else other than there partner. This is one indication that such divorce is unstoppable. And so as a result, 77% have said that divorce had impacted their children. You probably would want to know the common reasons why people get divorced. Here are the top 10 reason while spouses split up, kindly see infographic below.

Breakdown Cause Divorce