The Types of Custody Which The Court Provides

When you are undergoing in a custody battle you should be able to know the types of custody that the court can reward you. So here are the types; the sole custody, it is given when one parent has full legal responsibility, joint custody is when parents share legal responsibility for decisions related to the child. And another one is called shared custody or shared parenting as an arrangement where the child spends equal time with parents. See more of the types from the infographic below.

Custody Court Divorce

How Does Marriage Breakdown Lead To Divorce

Don’t you know that 53% of the individuals in the United States discussed the idea of divorce to somebody else other than there partner. This is one indication that such divorce is unstoppable. And so as a result, 77% have said that divorce had impacted their children. You probably would want to know the common reasons why people get divorced. Here are the top 10 reason while spouses split up, kindly see infographic below.

Breakdown Cause Divorce

How Does Legal Separation Work Nowadays

You need to be certain what you are going to be facing when you are filing for legal separation. Here are the three things which will happen in the legal separation. First, it dissolves and liquidates absolute community and conjugal partnership or ownership of property and assets. Second, custody of the children who are minors will go to the innocent spouse. Third, entitles the couples to live separately from one another. Kindly see infographic below for more information regarding legal separation.

Legal Reasons Divorce

The Cost You Spend When Filing for a Divorce

The amount that you are going to spend when you are filing for a divorce would range from $25,000 to $50,000. That is seriously too much, hence if your issues with your espouse can still be repaired then you have to do it quick before you suffer from the endless woes of the divorce proceeding. Take note that 50% of marriages end in divorce that’s why you must be very careful because it is not that easy at all to experience it. See infographic below for more information about marriage and divorce.

Marital Issue Divorce