How To Safeguard Your Marriage Tips

Knowing beforehand how you are going to save your marriage in order to last forever is very crucial. You should be able to sustain a happy and healthy marital relationship or else it will shutter for some reason. So, these are the things you need to know. First, listen to your partner. Second, be grateful for your partner. Third, never ruminate. Fourth, care for your partner. Fifth, be accommodating. Sixth, avoid harmful sarcasm.

Safeguard Marriage Divorce

The Most Costly Divorces In Hollywood Celebrities

Celebrities are prone to these divorces because they actually get separated often times for some reasons. Few of the celebrities which spent a lot include Kevin Costner who spent $80 million in divorce. Lionel Richie spent $20 million in divorce. Kenny Rogers spent $60 million in divorce and James Cameron spent $50 million in divorce. Please see more details in the infographic below.

Cost Celebrity Divorce

Over 13 Million Single Parents Have Custody On Kids

Here’s one truth in regards to child custody in the United States that 26% of American children in the said country have lived in a single parent household. And then, an estimated 82.6% of custodial parents in America are monthers. Please see more details below related to the custodial facts in the United States of America for more understanding about the issue.

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66% of Women Initiate Divorce During Midlife

Women are more likely to initiate the divorce when things gone wrong and out of control already. They are more decided to file a divorce over men because they are more determined for some reason. Statistics also says that 50% people are divorced because of emotional abuse and 44% divorced because of spouse’s affair. Please see more information from the infographic outlined below.

Middle Life Divorce